Laboratory – Services

  • Process development: electroless coating of metallic and nonmetallic materials
    The chemical process of electroless coating is often a complex sequence of single reactions and must be adapted to the special application. Other coating methods are used for metals versus nonmetals.
    My job is the development of an optimized process.
  • Electroless coating of fine powders and fibers
    Metallic, fine powders (µm and sub-µm range) often have a strong affinity to oxygen. By oxidation, the surface is coated with as thin layer of oxides. The electrical behavior changes by increasing the electrical resistance. A suitable coating diminishes the resistance and improves the conductivity.
    Nonmetallic materials, e.g. fiber glass are typical insulators. In some case it is necessary to make the surface electroconductive.
    For electroless coatings we offer the recipes for metallic and nonmetallic materials.
  • Supporting of projects: from an idea to an application
    I support projects and develop a new coating method step by step.
  • Fabrication of samples on the lab scale
    I use my own chemical laboratory to prepare samples.
  • Upscaling: laboratory –> pilot plant –> large scale production
    Do you want more? Assiting in upscaling and developing of concepts: from the lab scale to a pilot plant and then large scale production.